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Fabric Landscapes from Photos

This page will have Fabric Landscapes that have been inspired by actual photos taken by clients.

St. Paul Storm Photo ~ Used by permission ~


Fabric Landscape of St. Paul Storm
~Some Artistic License was allowed~


Same Scene, now in a 14" Landscape...


Round Landscape of Devils Tower

This photo was taken in August 2008 depicting a typical summer storm moving over downtown St. Paul. One of the important aspects of the photo is how the colors change in the sky, with the sunlight coming through. The photo was taken from Mounds Park. Another aspect that needed to be captured in the fabric landscape is how the sky on the right suggests sunlight coming through the branches and leaves of the tree.

The Fabric Landscape was created first by capturing the colors in the sky. This was created by using color crayons, coloring the fabric, then heat setting with an iron. The buildings, although not the exact skyline of downtown St. Paul, highlights some of the better known buildings. Some of the more noted are the state capitol, the cathedral, First National Bank tower. Most of the buildings have the windows beaded in. The trees in the park are either stitched or fused on, some have embroidery thread representing the leaves. The all important tree on the right has a fused trunk & main branches, smaller branches stitched in and the leaves are stitched with 8 different colors of green thread.


..... and put into a radio.....